Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are the fastest ! (and probably the best looking too)

Lots of excitement around Intel's Nehalem launch yesterday. It's one fast chip and if you keep track of these things, you will notice lots of benchmarking activity with press and blogs from the various benchmark leaders boasting about their superiority.

Of course, everyone and their dog (ok, just the people I know) has sent me a note asking about my next bragging post - they just assume - no post, no lead but they would be wrong - we are the fastest still. I just continue to prefer the "humble" is the new "proud" approach to benchmark superiority, but since I'm easily swayed, I will succumb to peer pressure and indulge in some bragging.

Yep... IBM J9 is the fastest Java VM you can get.

Derek sums it up again with a concise chart comparing IBM J9, Hotspot and JRockit and while our friends posted some nice improvements (good work guys), we maintain an impressive lead.

What can you conclude here ? The IBM J9 team is an impressive engineering team, and they have done excellent work - congratulations to the J9 and IBM Testarossa teams and my personal thanks to all for your hard work.

What else might you conclude here ? Any team that posts such good looking numbers is likely a really good looking team, likely the best looking team by about 8-10% :)

Of course, verifing the good looking aspects will be tricky since we keep the Canadian engineering teams locked indoors buried under 2 metres of permafrost. So, you'll have to trust me on this one - in addition to the good looking JVM benchmarks, we are one good looking team.


Blogger Rajesh Kumar said...

Just read Congratulations from Sun's David Dagastine under post titled "Tim Ellison's misguided remarks" at http://blogs.sun.com/dagastine/. This is really cool :)

I commented on Derek's blog too.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Will UVM see the light again?

3:49 AM  

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