Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes, IBM joined OpenJDK and it was big news ...last fall... .

Why then no blog entry from yours truly ? Umm, I've been busy! You know, working on a seamless transition, ensuring IBM continues to deliver the best performing, highest quality, Java runtimes on the planet :)

As Mark just announced we are working on the OpenJDK community bylaws - a draft soon to be posted. The goal is to create an environment that enables an open vibrant OpenJDK community. It's a project IBM is joining so we spent time understanding how the project works today and tried to build on the existing model. Any changes were evaluated in the spirit of ensuring an open, transparent, and meritocratic project that can be run in a lightweight and efficient manner. We want to be inclusive and hope contributors feel comfortable joining the project.

In terms of OpenJDK, IBM will be bringing much to the table. Years of deep experience in Java runtimes, and we support a wide range of HW platforms, so we'll be taking our skills and work on earning our commit rights so we can get to it directly in the OpenJDK codebase. I expect our joint efforts will strengthen the Java community, accelerate innovation in the overall Java ecosystem as well as give a boost to the floundering blogging community currently suffering from a lack of things to write about :)

In OpenJDK, if we do it right, we'll see innovation from more than just the big players, and that will make the overall ecosystem richer. In the end, it will be our customers who benefit, from innovation, and a multi-vendor platform they can build their business on.

That said, while we will cooperate on the platform, we're still going to compete like mad on the implementations (delivering performance leadership :)), and if you haven't noticed, we're also gonna have some fun trash talking too.