Saturday, February 20, 2010

Give it a shot, it might work

"Give it a shot. It might work." Made me laugh. An optimistic caveat delivered by CTV when browsed via Chrome (turns out it does work). Of course, they don't actually give you the opportunity to not "give it a shot" as the modal dialog prevents all other choices.

So, I mock it a little, but personally I think it's better than many of the checks we see for browser compatibility. Some web sites, are very specific and annoyingly refuse if the browser is not exactly the one they tested with. So, good on ya, you optimistic Silverlight developers ! but next time you can try out our long running VM team phrasing - "totally bogus, never been tested, should work" as a positive alternative.
The video in question was Jon Montgomery's 4th run on his way to winning gold in the uber scary skeleton event. Nice display of Canadian values too, by drinking a pitcher of beer on his way to the TV interviews. He's welcome on any of our fishing trips anytime.