Thursday, December 14, 2006

Goat Shaving

Work has some annoying days... What else is new ? but I think there's hope. Thanks to Ken Walker , I think I found an opportunity for a new career.

<career rant deleted>

People make drums, drums require skins, skins need shaving, which leads to the "new career opportunity", becoming a "Goat Shaver" and making drums. Ken tuned me into this opportunity with his recent blog entry that includes shocking goat shaving pictures. Career goal, be the best darn goat shaver in history !

You can even learn more about goat shaving online. Of course, this is for live goats and Ken was shaving the skins of dead goats but that's just a detail. My favorite tip ? "Talk to other goat owners in your area and have a goat-shaving day". How am I supposed to find goat owners in my area ? I guess I could ask ... so if you own a goat and live in my area, drop me line.

Am I serious about goat shaving as a career ? Probably not. Was it worth it to pretend so I could have a blog entry called Goat Shaver ? Absolutely.

Anyhow, I sent out a goat shaving career change notice which apparently didn't appeal to any of my friends or co-workers. They suggested that instead we start a band, go on tour and call the band "The Goat Shavers". This is genius in it's purest form. This way we can be "Goat Shavers" with no actual goat shaving required, kind of like virtual goat shavers.

Virtual machines, virtual goats ... right up my alley,


Blogger Patrick Mueller said...

I've created our homepage @ myspace

3:08 PM  
Blogger GoatShaver said...

I'm ready to bring my Djembe and assorted other Goat covered skins to band practice!

6:25 PM  

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