Thursday, December 07, 2006

The 7 stages of benchmarks...

Inspired by Pat Mueller's recent historical journey, I dipped into my own archives and found this old chart from a presentation I did many years ago in which I apparently mocked benchmarking (we probably weren't doing so well at the time). I did modify it slightly by changing the background to white (from the horrid powerpoint one I had used) and I also removed the words that were under each figure so you could have some fun and invent your own. This is not a contest, but all suggestions welcome. I will repost an updated pic with tag lines added for the one which makes me laugh the most.

Note: these figures are straight from Powerpoint which includes these useful pictures (I wonder why?) as well as handy pre-filled in templates (it used to be a wizard) which help you "communicate bad news". Seems the creators of powerpoint have it all covered.


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