Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Eclipse !

In his happy birthday post, Mike Milinkovich mentions the original servers we put up at OTI when Eclipse started, 5 years ago. Those were pretty wild times as evidenced by these server pictures, taken on November 9th, 2001. This was the original Eclipse server and it was in this configuration because of a disk failure soon after going live. A quick and dirty repair and we were back in business. You will notice the case was off and the drive hanging out but we decided that the site was so busy, we didn't want to take the server down for any reason so the server ran like this for a while. The running gag at the time was "open source, open case". I suspect that if we got Denis to take a picture of the servers Eclipse uses today, it would be a much different story...

I'm off to the Eclipse birthday party now, to swap tales of the good old days (5 years goes by pretty fast).

Happy Birthday Eclipse, here's to many more ... Posted by Picasa


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