Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's a boy !

Our first robot came to life yesterday. So far it can move around, say things and basically do some simple things. The graphics programming tool is usable by my 9 year old son with no help from me which is pretty cool. Lest you all think we're robot geniuses by mistake, let it be known than the robot pictured is the exact starter configuration they have you build. We just followed instructions and here he is. No name yet but I'm thinking it will be something like destructo !

Next up will be pinchers and some sensors. I will also be screwing around with the bluetooth interface to see if we can get my cheap bluetooth usb dongle and the NXT development kit talking. I can get them talking to each other via the bluetooth software that came with the USB card but I cannot download programs from inside the development environment via BT.... Given they actually have a compatibility list I'd say the Mindstorm NXT seems to be picky about bluetooth. Standards eh ?


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