Friday, June 23, 2006

Not for secret agents...

I saw this pen and one of the features in addition to a "Cushion Grip" was "Visible Ink". Usually this kind of thing is reserved for listing features that no one else (aka a competitive advantage) has but all of my pens seem to have "visible ink" so that can't be it. Perhaps the "BiC Exact-Tip Roller" has a sister line of Invisible Ink pens for secret agents and spies.All very curious except what they really mean is that you can see how much ink remains in the pen. Funny, the ubiquitous clear BiC pen has had “visible ink” for years and they never even thought to label it that way. Must be new marketing school graduates working at BiC these days...

This technique reminds me of the trendy labels, companies add to food products which take advantage of consumers fear installed by the latest medical report ... so for the record, this blog entry contains 0 % transfat, 0 calories, no caffeine and is written using visible fonts. All the other blogs make you fat, blind and may even keep you awake at night. As an additional bonus, reading my blog with a glass of red wine will lower your cholesterol and make you happy.

You're welcome.


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