Monday, June 12, 2006

Just asking for it...

I know better that to replace a perfectly working Linux install with a different version of Linux for no reason other than I felt like it.

So, tonight I took my server, copied a few megabytes of random crap off of it and installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS . No fear ... cause if I can't get back to a working system then I deserve what I get. In my view, even with the reliability of Linux, eventually even my lighty loaded server will need rebuild, or reinstall with a new version ... so why wait ?

With my freshly burned CD in hand, I didn't even flinch (much) when I inserted the CD and pressed reboot. The install screen offered me some strange options like "Install to the hard disk" vs "Install a LAMP server" ... hmm, doesn't the lamp server get installed on the hard disk ? Oh, well. I decided to go for the LAMP server install as I needed an apache server and php. After selecting some defaults, it just installed in 10 minutes and presented me with a login prompt. The "LAMP" install is a console install so everything is old school TTY.

Next I added SSH and Samba using some apt-get install action. I also had to set up the static IP (default is DHCP) and I also added my virtual sites and restored my html files and voila, I'm back in business. No fuss, no muss. Kind of disappointed ... no tales of woe or sad stories requiring heroics, new hardware or reinstalls or anything...

New Linux installed, no problems... nothing to see here, move along.


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